Natural remedy to remove cholesterol and clean the blood

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Clean cholesterol from the blood

Natural remedy to remove cholesterol triglycerides

Natural remedy to remove cholesterol and toxic buildup, clean the blood vessels and increase the elasticity of Vassos you need a cleaning process can be performed in various ways. One way is by eating natural products, and taking certain medications that your doctor advises you and yourself a plasma or a laser cleaning technique.

natural remedies Lower LDL Cholesterol

Lower Cholesterol

Taking medication, you may be exposed to a greater risk of side effects. Consider taking medications as a last option only when your case is not to find another solution to remove cholesterol.

The use of natural remedies and healthy products is the best, in the sense that there is still no scientific evidence about the side effects caused by these therapies with natural remedies.

The combination of garlic and lemon as natural remedy has been used for centuries in Russian folk medicine.
Lemon and garlic are good for cleaning the blood vessels, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, lower bad cholesterol, and decrease the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis and other serious health problems.

According to experts, this natural remedy also prevents the formation of cancer cells. Garlic is rich in antioxidants that have the power to regenerate and rejuvenate the body.

Lower Cholesterol

Ingredients for this natural remedy to remove cholesterol:

4 medium lemons

4 heads of garlic

3 liters of distilled water or boiled

Preparation of natural remedy to remove cholesterol:

Peel the garlic and cut the lemons into chunks. Now with a blender and a little water at bats all together. Pour into a jar and filled to the top with the remaining water and shut well. Then you keep it in the fridge for over 70 hours. After the guards of new schools and the preparation in the fridge.


Drink three times a day this natural remedy to remove cholesterol, 50 ml of natural remedy before meals. That is the maximum recommended amount to take.

You can start the cleaning process, using lower, such as 1 to 2 tablespoons per day, before meals dose.

If past few days, no notice side effects or discomfort, you can increase the daily dose.

The total treatment should last 37 days. This is recommended once a year, but always consult your doctor before.

You’ll get great results, a healthy blood pressure, including improved circulation and better composition of lipids, improve cerebral circulation, and it also helps burn those extra height.

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