Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

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Foods to fight cancer

A cancer affected people find it easy to control it with diet. Today we’ll teach diets to fight cancer with natural food-based remedies, each plays a role in the fight against one or more stages in the process of cancer.

natural remedies to fight cancer

natural remedies

A healthy diet is a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer and many other diseases. Good nutrition can be critical in increasing their chances of survival against cancer, says a study by the ACS in 2012. Its research center, he said that healthy diet and exercise may improve survival and even prevent cancer returns.

fight cancer diet

fight cancer diet

Bioactive natural compounds are more effective than synthetic pills, because many of these compounds have proven epigenetic benefits.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

1: Carrots

Along with pumpkins, apricots and peppers provide carotenoids, which act against cancer, provide beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A, as required by the body. A cup of carrot juice, 16 dried apricots, 2 and 4 cups of sweet red cherries provide 25 mg of carotenoids, which act against cancer. Do not eat them all at once. Good juice apples and carrots means (for quercetin) and sugar beet (for anthocyanins) mixed with a little ginger oil. A beverage fight against cancer! Carotenoids are also found in natural foods such as Chlorella. Raw carrots are rich in pectin. Healthy intestinal bacteria by eating pectins will love and you get more in return.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

2: Blue Fish

Fish oil provides omega-3, which minimizes the COX-2 and its ability to drive negative hormones called eicosanoids, which inflame and irritate, and omega-3 is a powerful anti-inflammatory in the body.

Omega-3 has been shown to lengthen the telomeres (telomeres shorten when you have cancer and DNA structure is compromised), and reduced longevity. Oily fish has vitamin A, an important cancer fighting vitamin (mackerel, salmon and herring, are top of the list). Fish oils have been linked to reduced prostate, breast and colon cancer levels. Research shows that help prevent cachexia having chemotherapy. Also getting some vitamin D from them, another cancer fighter tested. The Omega 3 Fish is an important cancer diet ingredient. Flaxseed omega 3 fatty acids is equally important short chain, but has different benefits (eg, provides essential fiber and helps oxygenate tissues).
3: Red pepper and yellow

It is the main source of vitamin C in the UK and is even better than oranges. Vitamin C enhances immune cells and neutralizes toxins. Linus Pauling said that cancer patients should consume 2-10 grams per day of vitamin C, large red pepper, raw broccoli, papaya .. Berries and cherries are a great source of vitamin C. Red and yellow peppers they are also a good source carotenoid.

4: Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds

Are high in zinc and vitamin E. Zinc helps vitamin C do its work and accelerate the healing time. It is important a healthy prostate. You take 15 to 25 mg per day. Five tablespoons sunflower seeds get 10 mgs. Best are oysters, 3 are enough. The milk can block the absorption of zinc. Sunflower seeds also provide some selenium.



Pumpkin seeds
It can be mixed with sunflower seeds into your morning muesli. 5 tablespoons each provide 20 mg of vitamin E, which inhibits growth of cancer cells and immune cells protects against free radicals. Vitamin E increases the fighting ability of your immune system. The aim is 300-600 mg and it is difficult to achieve without supplements. Green vegetables, soy and almonds are also good sources.

5: Nuts
Six nuts a day will give selenium; 100-200 mcg of selenium is the goal. Selenium is a potent anti-cancer agent. Eight slices of bread, an organic egg or a chicken breast also will suffice.

Tuna, onions, broccoli and tomatoes also contain selenium.

People who eat nuts every day (try almonds and walnuts) live longer, according to Cancer Research Rights Watch. Fiber and healthy oils.

6: Tomatoes
Seven to ten servings per week, especially cooked.

According to research by Harvard 7 to 10 servings per week reduce symptoms of the prostate to 40% and have an influence on many cancer types (lung, colon, cervix, breast. Lycopene is the first active ingredient, and 25-40 mgs the recommended daily dose.

They are also found in strawberries, peppers, carrots and peaches, but a can of tomato soup alone, and has 65 mg. Lycopene helps reduce levels of bad fat in the bloodstream and is a powerful antioxidant.
7: Mushrooms

A huge body of research evidence shows cómo’medicinal ‘mushrooms (shiitake, Maiitake, cordyceps etc) strengthen the immune system and fight cancer. Even the mushroom button has cancer-fighting ingredients.

8: leafy greens
Along with avocado, carrots, apricots, cfrijoles, pumpkins, and egg yolk, green vegetables, will give folic acid.

This will help your DNA to replicate and protect adequately during radiotherapy.

The recommended amount is 400 micrograms. Vitamin B6, folate, biotin and niacin are all B vitamins, which help in the fight against cancer. And the best sources are egg yolk, vegetables, and whole grains.

Green vegetables and sprouting seeds are a source of sulforaphanes, and have strong epigenetic benefits (correction cancer) and have proven help in the survival of colorectal cancer.

A diet rich in vegetables will help alkalize your body. It is important because it improves the performance of your immune system and slows the investigation shows that new metastases.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

9: Broccoli

Like other cruciferous vegetables, broccoli contains fiber that helps eliminate toxins. (Cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale).

Besides the fiber it is rich in galactose, which binds to agents that damage the intestine, and is a favorite food of good gut bacteria (carrots, chicory, onions, and apples).

Broccoli also contains indoles, especially indole3carbinol which, together with its metabolite DIM, modifies and reduces the aggressive action of estrogen, can alter the receptor sites on cellular estrogen and helps in the fight against prostate cancer, brain, breast, and colorectal cancer.

They also have the I3C and DIM, acting on non-estrogen-driven cancers, and that can also affect the way cancer p27.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

10: Beet

And cherries, eggplant, plums, red grapes – in fact any fruits and vegetables purple. They contain anthocyanins (and sometimes resveratrol). Anthocyanins have been shown to kill cancer cells has Resveratrrol research supporting its role in the fight against certain types of cancer.

11: Garlic

It is a truly wonderful food, because it has active ingredients such as allicin, which seem to act by stopping the spread of cancer in various ways, for example, stopping the blood supply to tumor formation.

Garlic also kills germs and yeasts – after taking drugs and antibiotics the body is often susceptible to these. Garlic in the body is also anti-inflammatory. It has a number of active ingredients. It contains selenium, tryptophan and active agents based on sulfur that attack cancer cells.

Two or three cloves of raw garlic oil per day are more than vampires away.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

12: Legumes

Lentils, chickpeas, beans, soya etc., they are a great source of fiber and protein without animal fat.

Green tea

Containing isoflavones, phytoestrogens. People get confused about plant estrogen. The cells in your body have estrogen receptor sites. When a form of human estrogen (estradiol) joins them, resulting in their cells, it is chaos. About 40 times less potent human estrogen is estrone and about 40 to 50 times less potent plant estrogens are still. Legumes also provide fiber, such as lignans that may help neutralize free radicals in the gut and into the bloodstream.

Eat legumes every other day.

In the top?

Use good oils such as extra virgin olive oil and increase your intake of fish oil, linseed, nut and seed oils and coconut oil).


In August 2012 the National Cancer Institute in the US, in his research with Dr. Young S. Kim and his researchers concluded that a poor diet (too bad fats, dairy, sugar, too much salt, refined foods and too little healthy) could cause a cancer growing back from any stem cell orthodox cancer after treatment. Dr. Kim also concluded that certain natural compounds in foods could stop this outbreak. They said compounds taken as Supplements. This list includes: Curcumin, sulphorapanes, resveratrol, piperine (black pepper), vitamin E (natural and which includes all 8 tocopherols and tocotrienols) and vitamin A, theanine and choline, green tea EGCG and genistein (grass and red clover).

And for drink

Take three cups a day of green tea. This helps neutralize free radicals. The Mayo Clinic states that even 3-5 cups a day can stop the growth of some cancers.

Foods to fight cancer. Diets to fight cancer

By last:

1. Eat whole foods

2. Take a probiotic every day

3. Do not touch sugar – glucose syrup or high fructose corn

4. Avoid fat milk (unpasteurized milk from grass-fed beef have advantages)

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