Coconuts water: Natural remedies and Benefits

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Benefits coconuts water

Water of green coconut Benefits coconuts water

Coconut water has many properties and benefits. It is a natural remedy that is used externally and internally. In World War II coconut water was used to make emergency plasma transfusions, because they are high in electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium, identical electrolyte profile of the human body.

coconut water

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Benefits of coconut water and natural remedies with green coconut water.

Coconut water removes toxins. To contain 312 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams, just this amount of potassium makes it an excellent regulator of electrolytes and helps get rid of toxins naturally.

Strengthen the immune system. Mineral salts containing potassium coconut water (phosphorus, iron and calcium) help fight and destroy harmful invaders elements that enter our body and strengthen the immune system.

Coconut water nourishes nails, bones and teeth. This is because it works as a reminiscence, for its high content of mineral salts, and is recommended for growing children and pregnant or nursing mothers.

Natural antioxidant. The presence of cytokinins, plant hormones, “have a protective effect against aging, oxidative degeneration, and thrombotic processes.”

It helps in sight. In coconut water we can see the presence of vitamin A, which is necessary for the functions of sight so consuming this drink will help keep it healthy as with carrots.

Coconut water improves digestion. This is because it has natural bioactive enzymes, contains acid, catalase, peroxidase and phosphatase adiastasa among others, (says researcher José María López, naturopath and doctor).

Coconut water for their nutritional composition, is considered as the “fluid of life” and as a natural remedy is said to have the power to remove kidney stones and cure hypothyroidism, gastritis, colitis and more.

Coconut water has magical effects? Maybe you’ve heard the famous coconut oil and the great benefits it offers to our body. But today we’ll talk about the great features and benefits that has coconut water, which may have not heard at all.

Coconut water was used in the past as a substitute for blood to save many lives during armed conflicts in the great wars and World War II, since the structure of coconut water it is compatible in almost a totality with plasma our blood and our blood stream.

If we consume coconut water?

By consuming coconut water you are strengthening your immune system and eliminates all the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections and other diseases such as gonorrhea, typhus, colds, and infections in our kidneys and gums. Coconut water is used for:

When you drink coconut water you increase your energy and the production of thyroid hormones. Hypothyroidism cure and eliminate kidney stones.
Coconut water makes our skin is more radiant all day because hydrates, a cup will do. Coconut water is the best natural diuretic that have known.
With coconut water you will cleanse the urinary tract and channels your bladder.
Eliminate all those toxins from your body and the famous kidney stones.
It’s great to get a good digestion, thanks to its high fiber and effectively eliminates gastric acid.

To get coconut water you can buy green coconuts and extract pure coconut water.Editorial: Natural Medicine – Natural Remedies